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 Guild Rules and Information

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PostSubject: Guild Rules and Information   Fri May 16 2008, 01:57

Welcome to Dynasty!

We are an Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures guild, based on the Fury PvP server.

Our aim is to be an all round guild, focusing on PvE and PvP as demand calls for them. At this stage it is likely that we will be a PvE focused "Casual - Core" guild. This basically means that we will be taking endgame raiding seriously, with around 3 raids a week.

Dynasty Rules:

Like a Star @ heaven Be respectful of other players (especially those with a heavyweight clan behind them). We don't need a bad reputation as a guild based on the attitude of some of our members. That said, killing other players is the nature of the game! Feel free to follow FFA PvP rules, however flaming is NOT encouraged. Use your own judgement.

Like a Star @ heaven Try to allow for all players to have an enjoyable gaming experience.

Like a Star @ heaven Exploiting game mechanics in ANY way is completely banned. Any member found to be doing so (regardless of rank) WILL be removed from the guild. Reason for this (direct quote) "...exploiting in Age of Conan is a violation to the EULA, and something we take seriously. If the offense is grave we will not hesitate to ban players, and even entire guilds.". Full post at http://forums-eu.ageofconan.com/showthread.php?t=19506

That's all for now until problems begin to arise in-game Smile

[End Transmission]
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Guild Rules and Information
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