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 Just a short application from my part ;) [Accepted]

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PostSubject: Just a short application from my part ;) [Accepted]   Thu Jun 12 2008, 21:50

As mentioned in the topic-title, this is simply a small application Wink (just a quick side-note: It would appear that as I'm a guest, I'm unable to post proper links.. As of such I've put each link used, into a "Quote" box - as this seems to be the only somewhat-viable method of posting links, while being a guest)

Let's start with the hard facts:

My characters name is Michiko
I'm currently a lvl 38 Cimmerian Conquerer
As for my feats, I'm planning on going with a dual-view spec much similar to
Quote :
... However, do note that my final spec will most likely be different from the one mentioned, as I get closer to lvl 80 - and learn more about the conquerer class!

Personally I'm 18 years old (will be 19 in July), and currently finishing an HTX High School Degree (basically it's a high school degree, with focus on high level mathematics, science and technology)!.... That said I'm nearly finished with all my exams (with the exception of my last one on the 17th of June)!

I was born in the US (Gaithersburg, Maryland to be specific) and live there for a number of years, before moving to Denmark. - That of course means that I currently have both a Danish and an American citizenship!

If theres anything else about my personal history you need to know, then ask me in game!

Now what am I looking for in Dynasty, you might be wondering!
Well to answer that question, you first need to understand how I came across your alliance. Basically the decision to apply here, was made with careful consideration and cross reference with the other alliances listed on the Fury Boards, here
Quote :
What am I looking for? Which guilds seem like total douche-bags? Which guilds have potential? Are they hardcore guilds with a poor community spirit? or Are they semi-Casual guilds with a great community and great potential? these are but a few of the factors that led me to apply here.

In short I'm looking for a guild that has a mature community - I'm not looking for a guild filled with 12 year olds, swearing and complaining about everything!
I'm looking for a community filled with people who both can have fun, but also be serious when required, while also behaving in a mature manner!

Also, I'm not looking for a hardcore raiding guild! I'm looking for a casual guild - and on this front your "3 days a week" raid schedule seems ideal - rather than a hardcore "7 days a week" raid schedule, which I both don't have time for, and neither have any interest in participating in...

As for my previous MMO experience; I have some experience in pre-TBC WoW raiding... However I stopped playing WoW a very short while after The Burning Crusade was released, simply because I didn't like the path WoW was taking..... That is one decision I'm quite happy to have made Smile

Additionally I've also played some EvE Online, however I quit that due to not having enough spare-time to invest in it..

Apart from that I enjoy playing ArmA; Armed Assault
Quote :
and Operation Flashpoint: CWR + Resistance
Quote :

Hmmm I guess thats about it

Looking forward to hearing from you guys

---> Kristian Dashnaw from Denmark (and do forgive me for the "crappy" method of posting links Wink It's simply the only apparent viable option at this time)
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PostSubject: Re: Just a short application from my part ;) [Accepted]   Fri Jun 13 2008, 03:20

Impressed Smile


Will invite next time you're online at the same time as me if you haven't already.

Welcome Smile

Guild Master.

Malacoda: Level 80 Herald of Xotli.
Harlequin: Aspiring Tempest of Set. (In progress)
Mannequin: Aspiring Assassin. (In progress)
Husker: Aspiring Guardian. (Waiting his turn)
Malagant: Aspiring Necromancer. (Waiting his turn)
Minerva: Aspiring Priest of Mitra. (Waiting her turn)

(Level Whore)
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Just a short application from my part ;) [Accepted]
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