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 Application for Dantie [Accepted]

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PostSubject: Application for Dantie [Accepted]   Sat Jun 14 2008, 16:05

Hey guys, i saw one of the guild leaders were trying to recruit in one of the channel in game. It looks like a nice guild and i got tempted to apply Wink

Some personal Information:
Name: Daniel
Orgin: Norway, same as the creators Surprised

Nick: Dantie
Class: Priest of Mitra
current level: 24, i now its pretty low but i just got started. Had som troubles getting the game to work, but it's all fixed now Wink

I got some past experience in raiding, i used to play wow were i was the main tank in my guild, we raided up to bwl. I quited wow when tbc got released and havnt been playing any MMORPG's since then active.

Not really sure what more to write, if you guys wonder don't be afraid to ask Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Application for Dantie [Accepted]   Sat Jun 14 2008, 16:14

Being main tank in a BWL guild at 60 is enough experience ^^

And you can never have too many healers!

I will invite you in 2 seconds. Welcome Smile

Guild Master.

Malacoda: Level 80 Herald of Xotli.
Harlequin: Aspiring Tempest of Set. (In progress)
Mannequin: Aspiring Assassin. (In progress)
Husker: Aspiring Guardian. (Waiting his turn)
Malagant: Aspiring Necromancer. (Waiting his turn)
Minerva: Aspiring Priest of Mitra. (Waiting her turn)

(Level Whore)
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Application for Dantie [Accepted]
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