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 Application 24 Assasin. [Accepted]

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PostSubject: Application 24 Assasin. [Accepted]   Sun Jun 15 2008, 20:19

Class - Assasin
Level - 24
Feats - Right now I am going for an unholy stance build but I'm not going to pretend to understand class mechanics at this point so it will probably change.

I am reasonably active and have about four to five years experience on mmos playing AA, Ryzom, Eve, Tabula Rasa, WoW, Guild Wars, a bunch of random betas and some free to plays.
Don't judge me on WoW and Guild Wars, I can assure you I'm not a total noobcake.

Regards, Tonga.
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PostSubject: Re: Application 24 Assasin. [Accepted]   Sun Jun 15 2008, 20:30

Plenty of experience which is the main requirement at the moment Smile

Guild Master.

Malacoda: Level 80 Herald of Xotli.
Harlequin: Aspiring Tempest of Set. (In progress)
Mannequin: Aspiring Assassin. (In progress)
Husker: Aspiring Guardian. (Waiting his turn)
Malagant: Aspiring Necromancer. (Waiting his turn)
Minerva: Aspiring Priest of Mitra. (Waiting her turn)

(Level Whore)
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Application 24 Assasin. [Accepted]
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